This is the second book in The Huntress Trilogy – the first being Sea (previously reviewed).

The book follows Mouse on her quest to find the scattered sea-opals and save Trianukka, and hopefully get her ship back.

As the title suggests, this adventure takes Mouse, her brother, and the companion she picked up in Sea, into the Sky, atop the beast she ‘acquired’ also in the previous book. Amongst Sky Fortresses, Mouse discovers a new friend in a library (this was always going to endear me to the book -who doesn’t want to discover a library in a book?!), and there the adventure truly begins.

Without spoiling, this is a great continuation of the first book, and follows seamlessly on. I really fell into this one, more than the first one, icebergs, things hid,den in the clouds, etc, it was right up my alley. Mouse’s character develops a lot more in this book as well – she’s still a tough nut, but she starts to show her kinder side a bit more in this book, and I look forward to seeing the Mouse at the end of this trilogy to see how she handles getting her ship back – I have no doubt of course, that she will….

All in all, a great second instalment. I look forward to the final!