This isn’t a book I would normally go for. I must have been in one of those moods when the suggestion came from Netgalley…

Anyway – what an interesting book. The introduction and first paragraph tells us about how Michael published a book called Moneyball about a team’s quest to find a better way to value players and evaluate baseball strategies through the use of data. I’m a huge data geek…I love a good spreadsheet and so I was instantly hooked on the level of data being used and the information that could be pulled from it.

From then on we delve into the world of psychology – how people behave – eg why baseball coaches put more value on one player than another – who’s data is better – and why, even when we know what we are doing is wrong and illogical, we do it anyway.

We end up delving into the unlikely friendship with Amos Tversky (a mathematical psychologist) and Danny Kahneman (a psychologist), and their almost marriage-like relationship over many many years.

I’m not giving out any spoilers, but this is an incredibly interesting book, and one which I’ve sat back many times and thought how their findings may be seen in my life both at home and at work. This book really made me think about the choices I made in life and why I made them.

A really interesting read, and one which has enhanced my life, and I think will sit with me for the rest of my life.

My thanks as ever to Netgalley and Penguin Ltd.