As a kid I used to always ignore the Author’s Note in books. I never saw the point in them – I just wanted to get to the story….I read them now, and the one in this is apologetic to “students and speakers of Russian”, due to her translation into English of Russian words.

Quite honestly, I think anyone who reads this book will forgive her….

This is a beautiful book. Absolutely beautiful. I quite honestly never wanted it to end, and I’ve delayed reviewing it because I didn’t want to admit it was over. The main character does not appear from the start – having  yet to be born, but already we have fallen in love with Dunya and her storytelling, with Pyotr for being the loving husband and father,and with all the others (including the domovoi). Then we meet our main character….Vasya….

I’m not spoiling the story – I’m giving nothing away – you need – you  must! read this book!!  All I will tell you is that it is a Russian fairytale, a real fairytale, and it will break you heart into pieces, but you will never want it to end….I mourn for this book.

This book was provided to me by the lovely people at Netgalley, and the picture I whipped from Amazon…