Well, this book certainly lived up to the hype. I admit I was attracted to the cover, it looked like a fun book, and the description sounded right up my street. I was never an Adrian Mole fan when I was a child/teenager, but I think I may try them again after reading this book

Hendrick GroenIt is a wonderful book, humorous, loving, and  sad. But above all, believable and possibly realistic (having never been in a home you understand..).It is written beautifully, you can’t fail to love Hendrik and really root for him and my second favourite character, Evert, they’re just two wannabe rebels – well, Evert is, and Hendrik wants to be.

I didn’t want this book to end, I wanted a new diary to start – I really hope one more comes out, although at 84 by the time the book ends…maybe not, then again, there is loads of life in Hendrik! I did feel as though I was reading his diary, he whinges, he has very touching moments, very sad moments, and some very very funny ones.

If you haven’t read this book, then you must – it’s wonderful and it will stay with you forever.

My huge thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Random House UK (and of course Amazon for the image!)