I’ve always had an interest in history since I was at school, the history of our country, and in how we as humans evolved, and progressed through to our current world (Guns, Germs and Steel – Jared Diamond – fab book…and which reminds me I have ‘Sapians’ sitting on the shelf ready to read…anyway…I digress, sorry)

I remember the Civil War being my favourite, most remembered section of history lessons – all that turmoil – beheading Kings! Who wouldn’t love that bit? So, when this book popped up on Netgalley then I had to read it.

It’s not about the Civil War, well bits are obviously, but about Cromwell himself, where he grew up, what he did. The book could easily go off on a tangent into the general history at that time, but it doesn’t – and the author keeps dragging you back to the subject – Cromwell. I realised that although I knew about the Civil War, I was not taught about Cromwell as a subject, which now I’ve read the book is a great shame – he should be taught – he was an amazing man.

The book is very pro-Cromwell, but honest in stating when a source is unreliable, which is fine – I enjoyed the style of the writing, and I liked the author very much. It isn’t a book which I struggled to put down, but it wasn’t a book I struggled to pick up either. It is an enjoyable read and not dry and heavy which many of these books can be.

I’ve learnt a lot about Cromwell in this book, and it’s not something I’m likely to forget – I had not realised how much of an impact he had on our history, and how the parliamentary system was so different then (maybe I should have known this, maybe I didn’t pay that much attention in this section of class..).

To sum up, this is a really good book, the subject is not dry, I liked the author and his style, and it really taught me a lot. All what a good historical book should be!

My thanks to Netgalley and Endeavour Press Ltd