Titus Awakes


For those of you who have never read Gormenghast, you really should. It’s an absolutely amazing book, even if you don’t enjoy the plot (don’t worry, you will), it is written with what can only be described as artistry. It’s beautiful, descriptive, it’s a book which really does take you into it’s loving arms – you escape to a world that I never personally wanted to come out of.

I adore Gormenghast….

I didn’t even know about this book, I just chanced upon it when I was in a bookshop one day looking for something else (The latest Dwarves book by Markus Heitz if you’re wondering – my boyfriends birthday). Naturally, I snapped it up, finished food shopping, and legged it home full of excitement – well legged it home as quick as you can do with a full bag of vegetables in one hand and a bag of fish and meat in the other – which isn’t very fast truth told. Anyway, I digress.

You know where i’m going with this don’t you?…

Although it was not written by Mervyn, it was pulled together by Maeve Gilmore based on fragments that he had written before he passed away. It takes us on the next journey of Titus after he leaves Gormenghast behind, and his trying to find his way in the world. I’m not giving the story away – I don’t do that (sorry) – I found that I couldn’t put this book down, I really felt for Titus and once again I was drawn into the story and it wouldn’t let me go. It’s pretty short so I read it in a couple of days. It’s a really sad book, typically ‘Titus’, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. There is no happy ending – that would be wrong, it just ‘is’, and that is perfect for the end of the story of Gormenghast. I’m itching to reread the first three again to be honest….