Fractured dreams

I have to admit, this is the sort of book that I absolutely love, full of fairytales, magic and mystery, with a good ‘got to work out how to take down the baddie’ plot.

The main character is Story Sparks, a young woman who has no idea how special she is. Story is plagued by firstly the lack of dreams, and then horrific nightmares – ones which she remembers having many years ago when she was a child.

We are swept away into Story’s tale, along with her and her two friends when they take a trip to Lake Sandeen on a sunny day for a picnic.

What follows is a magical world of fairytales, and the discovery of who Story really is…there are wolves, red riding hood, fairies, and of course the baddie.

I really enjoyed this book, it’s easy reading and you do get sucked into it. I await the next one….