The story centres on Dr Jack Vara, the son of Carlos Herrera, a mexican immigrant who came good, and who it turns out was heavily involved in what is known as ‘The Purge’, an event that happened across the world when the world’s oil supplies were damaged.

After Carlos’s death, and the breakdown of his marriage, Jack returns to his fathers home in Purgatory to see his inheritance, and find out the meaning of a cryptic clue his father left him.

Salia Warchez – a religious madwoman is also after finding out what Carlos has left Jack for her own purposes…

This is a bit of a love story, and a bit of a thriller. It was okay……there were a lot of gaps, and a lot of areas where the book could have been filled out a bit more, eg the love story was very rushed into and predictable, and everything just kind of skipped along the surface, I felt nothing for any of the characters as you didn’t get to know them. The book felt a bit rushed, and I was left a bit empty at the end by it. It was ok, but it could have been a lot more. The ‘winds’ were also ‘bigged up’ at the start (and indeed mentioned in the title), and I was expecting a bit more from them, but it just really fizzled out if i’m honest, as did the rest of the book..

sorry – i hate writing a bad review – it was ok, just not great…

Book provided courtesy of Eastlake Books, via Netgalley