I came across Tad years ago when I discovered the Otherland books, I absolutely loved them, then I  moved onto Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, and then the rest…I’m a huge fan I admit, so I was over the moon when I stumbled over this on Netgalley

A good sized collection of short stories of various genres, all written in Tad’s great style. I was absolutely over the moon when I came across an Otherland story (i’m now gazing back at the bookshelf, tempted to reread – Otherland really is a truly great series).

There’s not a bad story amongst them, which can sometimes be a problem with short stories, each one is well written, and the characters rounded. There’s nothing one dimensional about them. One of the short stories is quite long, and frightened me quite a bit – I never realised Tad could do ‘frightening’ – he does it very well!

All in all, a great collection of stories, well worth a read for those unfortunate mortals who haven’t come across Tad before.

Thanks to Tachyon for providing a review copy via NetGalley