A memory of sky

I loved this book from the start. It’s incredibly descriptive – the author really has put a lot of thought into building the world, and something about the world really ticked my boxes – I wanted to live there….

Without giving the plot away, the story focuses on Diamond, a very special boy, who is not all he originally seems. When we meet Diamond he is portrayed as a very sick child who can have no contact with the outside world, but an event means that he ventures outside alone for the first time where he meets Elata and Seldom. These two newly made friends take him under their wing, but events are not as simple as we thought they would be.

This is a big book, and it does take your entire concentration to give it the justice that it deserves – ie no reading for 5 minutes the wandering off to tidy up/hang out washing, etc, etc (I admit, as much as I love reading, sitting down is not something I can do for long). This book needs to be given 3 or 4 chapters off the trot, and that really tested me!

I was a bit disappointed with the ending if i’m truthful, but that may well be down to me just losing my concentration in the last few chapters, and just wanting to be done with it!

It’s a book I’d read again though, definitely one to keep for a rainy month.