What can I say….

I came across this author on Twitter, and after he tweeted that part of one of his books was available for download free (Gravity’s Revenge), I decided to take up the offer.

I loved the little snippet of Gravity’s revenge that I read, and I was absolutely gutted when I’d finished it. I therefore (unsurprisingly) picked up Brood of Bones.

The author is right (surprise eh?), Brood of Bones is a lot darker than Gravity’s Revenge. I met Enchantress Hiresha, and her curse, the story was set and I was taken on a non-stop ride of hope, fear, panic..the list goes on.

This is a fabulous story, very well written, and I’m surprised Mr Marling is still an indie author……maybe that’s his choice (I after all have no experience in this field!). There’s nothing slow about this book, no unnecessary waffling. It’s a great read, his style of writing is easy and light, you certainly don’t wade through the book, it’s a page turner, and I will without a doubt be picking up the rest of Gravity’s Revenge, and his other titles.

Go out and buy!!