Phoenix Island


According to other reviews, this book inspired the CBS TV show ‘Intelligence’, and it’s easy to see why. Before I found out about the show, I often thought that this plot would make a good show, and one that I would watch in all honesty.

The story revolves around Carl, a juvenile criminal who is a good person at heart, just misguided. The character is likeable and the author takes the time to expand into his past to allow us to see why Carl behaves the way he does.

At first it would seem that going to Phoenix Island could be the best thing that happens to him – gets him on the straight and narrow, and kicks him back into reality with a clean record, allowing him to start again. However….not all is as it seems.

This story isn’t an award winner, but it does translate to a great tv show, and fans of the show should certainly read this book. It is a good story, a cross between Lord of the Flies and in my opinion The Island of Dr. Moreau. I would have liked to have seen a few more sides of the story in this book, eg more about the old man and his story, and the Doctor. It’s very much a one dimensional book revolving around one character (and the love interest to an extent of course), and this would have been a truly great book. However, maybe the author is looking to continue the story in further books, I don’t know. It wouldn’t be a bad thing.