One Great Year

Usually, the word ‘love’ in a book description makes me put it down, so I was clearly not feeling myself when I picked this one up. However, it’s not a soppy love story – although it is a love story.

When the Golden Age of humankind comes to an end, and their land is destroyed, the world is thrown back into the dark ages. Just before this happens, Emissaries are chosen to continue to live, and are tasked with carrying forward all of the learning from the previous Golden Age, and therefore bringing the world back into a new Golden Age (a great year). These  Emissaries live a normal lifespan and are continually reincarnated, albeit with knowledge of their task (but not of their past reincarnations).

The story focuses on Marcus, Theron and Helghul, and the love of two men for one woman throughout the various reincarnations.

For me, the writer hinted at biblical stories, e.g. the world being wiped clean, with only the chosen ones saved – Noah? and myths, e.g. the previous land being Atlantis. The Emissaries seem to be kind of Angels on earth, not sent to save souls, but to help them advance and guide them. It covers a huge time-frame, and has the good old good vs evil element in it, cleverly using historical figures to give weight to the story

As I’ve said, not normally my sort of book, but I really enjoyed it – it’s an epic of a book, and I’ll definitely be looking out for this author in the future.