An alright…, light, easy to read book. I was expecting this book to be a bit more of an indepth sci-fi book, and if that’s what you’re wanting, then don’t read it.

If this was a film, then it’s not a blockbuster…think straight to video, or more a lazing on a Sunday afternoon film. The characters are one dimensional, there is no background given to them, they are just ‘there’, and that’s it. The characters aren’t likeable to be honest either. You always expect to like the main character – this one I found a bit of a knob, which I think you’re supposed to, but I didn’t like any of the characters at all.

I did on occasion wonder if it was a teen book, but the sex references mean it couldn’t be (then again…maybe i’m getting old…teen books didn’t when I was one…).

It’s an easy to read story, it won’t tax your brain, and it’s a bit predictable.

For me personally though, I wouldn’t read another book by this author. It’s not to my taste at all.