As I’ve mentioned before, I’m new to this genre. No idea how I’ve managed to miss it all these years.

Without giving too much of the plot away, the book tells the tale of Pat O’Malley, a detective who finds himself uncovering a group of pirates/scientists/inventors who wish to prevent the world from advancing past steam technology. Pat and his partners start investigating this group, and are drawn into their world. Are they really the bad guys though? or are they doing good? You’ll have to read to find out….

I’ve become a little obsessed with steampunk, so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed this book. However, once again I’ve managed to pick up a book which is sort-of in the middle of a series. In this book the characters are well developed, all know each other, and there are references to other events which left me baffled and lost – until I checked a retailer and discovered other books in the series which the titles of which cleared my problem up for me.

So….a good book, a nice easy read, and a good few twists and turns I didn’t expect. However, do yourself a favour, and start at the start (original idea eh?). I’m definitely going to pick up the previous books to get the full impact of this book..albeit a bit late!